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DETROIT (AP) — Actor and comedian Mike Epps is apologizing for dancing on stage with a kangaroo in front of a screaming crowd at a Detroit comedy show.

In a video of the Friday night event, Epps can be seen holding the animal’s harness.

Mike Epps says he's profoundly sorry for causing a kangaroo distress during his Detroit concert. READ MORE The kangaroo onstage with Mike Epps was not handled properly at all times, and now a federal agency is reviewing video of the incident ... Epps and a friend allegedly attacked a guy in the Harrah's Casino around 4 AM…

Epps told us when he viewed the video it was apparent ... READ MORE Mike Epps believed for a minute someone from LAX jacked thousands of dollars from him, and it got heated between the actor and the cops.

Actor and comedian Mike Epps was born on November 18, 1970 in Indianapolis, IN.

He’s appeared in “The Hangover,” “All About the Benjamins,” and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse.” Epps stars in the ABC comedy series “Uncle Buck” and takes on the persona of Richard Pryor in a biopic, alongside Oprah Winfrey and Eddie Murphy.

Looks like that failed Twitter DM flirting incident from last year was indicative of some bigger issues in their relationship.

The comedian shares two young girls, Maddie and Mariah with Mechelle.A man is seen picking up the animal and carrying it around the stage. He posted on Instagram late Sunday that he wants to “sincerely apologize to everybody.” He says things got out of hand but he didn’t mean any harm.He says he doesn’t own the kangaroo and plans to donate money to a foundation to help the animals.When she arrives at the garden, her dress is dragging in the dirt.Later, when they return to the ball, her dress is clean and wrinkle free.

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