15 year old daughter dating 17 year old

‘MUUUM don’t be gross, just because I have a boyfriend doesn’t mean we’re going to do THAT urgh! I got lucky, but well, let’s face it no one really imagines that for their children do they? I never want them to think that they can’t talk to me about sex or relationships. You are allowed to go to tea at ‘the boy’s’ house but I will need to check with his parents that they are going to be there. Don’t give up your friends, you will need them one day if this doesn’t work out believe me.

I’ve always told them they have their whole lives ahead of them and the world is their oyster to do with whatever they wish, to fulfil their ambitions and dreams. I insist we are all to be open and honest with one another. School work comes first, this means you have to give up your phone/ipad for at least 2 hours every evening. The day my almost 15 year old tells me she has a boyfriend, a real one who she like, loves.

It’ s my duty to help them seek balance and strive for success in every part of their lives.

But starting now, at ages 3 and 5, I hope my children start to absorb the message that dating is positive. And that no matter what, there are few decisions that are perfect, or mistakes that are not ripe for learning.

I was a teenage girl myself once not that long ago. Holly had been chatting about ‘the boy’ for a while now.

When children are young, they only think about what’s going on at the moment.

But by age 15, a girl can think in more complex ways about what’s possible and how the world works. Here are a few more ways you can support your daughter: The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule is a good one to follow. Stay close to her and help her through this important time in her life, and yours.

So she comes home from school and casually drops it into our ‘how’s your day gone’ conversation. Except this isn’t about the funny thing that happened in maths or that she sang a solo in the choir. She thought only about her dolls and The Tweenies back then. I might be over the top but I need to be able to say this.

This is about a boy, ‘the boy’ the one she likes and I can tell she’s smitten. Completely by accident and regretting what I’ve said immediately. Now her head is filled with BOY STUFF and she’s constantly on her phone snap chatting with ‘the boy’ and I’m so scared because she’s not my baby anymore even though she’ll always be my baby. I have to approach the subject carefully, I’ve never wanted my older children to feel they were not wanted. They understand though, that you can’t just go round having babies when you’re a teenager and expecting everything to turn out ok. All of our young people need to know these things and I want my children to have all the facts. I want her to know that she can tell me anything and I might be cross but I will always, ALWAYS be there for her. I lay down some ground rules; ’The boy’ can come for tea, and you can sit in your bedroom to watch TV but you have to leave the door wide open and put up with me or possibly an errant toddler coming in with no warning whatsoever for absolutely no reason.

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  1. Sadly, my immature and unhealthy desires predictably did much more harm than good. Maybe dating has been hard for you too, for these reasons or others. It’s enough to leave you like an eight-year-old, asking, “Mom, where do weddings come from?

  2. They may go on to date women their own age, or to move to different places, but we stay friends. And then every so often, their relationships end, and they return to me. When lots of stamina (and blissfully short recovery periods) meets confidence and experience, it’s a terrific combination.

  3. The worst thing you could do is putting the cart before the horse – and by that, I mean sending her a picture of your junk. (Just NO dude.) Nothing kills the vibe faster than getting too raunchy before she’s even entertained the thought of going to bed with you. Keep it simple and respond with either “Well, that’s not nice, sorry to bother you” or “Well, it was nice meeting you.” You have nothing to prove to her (or anyone watching) so defending yourself is beside the point.