Dating diapered women

The desires and tastes of paraphilic infantilists vary around common themes of diapers and babyhood. Does the video refer to how they manifest this Infantilism?

On the non-sexual part of the spectrum, I don't believe these people are mentally healthy, which is sad.

A: I don’t think you should spill about daddy’s Dy-Dee.

Not because it’s shameful, but because unless his son also suffers from enuresis, this is a private matter.

Then, two months ago, I met a coworker of my brother's and we've been getting to know each other. There are unhealthy versions of this, like "feeders" who love fat partners and either overtly or covertly encourage weight gain, trying to immobilize their partner. That’s all we want.”Ladies, the way you treat a child is the way you should treat us, because really we are just big children. A little bit of head rubbing and we’re right as rain. She grabbed her kid and she said, “God, I miss you so much and I love you! ”“Yes.”“Let me tell you: the next man you meet, to greet him like that every single time, and tell him you missed him and give him a big kiss and treat him just like he’s two, and you’ll keep a man forever and forever.”“Nooo, it can’t be that easy.”“It is. We breast feed, but we only do it for your pleasure. When we throw a temper tantrum, it’s pretty easy to calm us down. We are both completely comfortable with his bed-wetting and diapers and it’s actually fun getting him ready for bed.I took over getting him diapered and its really made us closer.

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