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Phelps and Pal were reportedly seen at a lounge in Las Vegas having a grand old time together.

Monday night, the swimmer was seen cozying up with his ex Caroline “Caz” Pal at Lily Bar & Lounge at the Bellagio.

Keep reading about Carolina Pal's visit to Phelps' family *** The NY Post reports of Caroline Pal: He has been seen partying and making out in public with Pal, who works at Moon nightclub in the Palms Fantasy Tower, where actor George Clooney's former girlfriend, Sarah Larson, used to work.

What about that girl he met in Cabo that was so anxious to spill all of the intimate details of her relationship with the 18-time Olympic gold medalist?

Our spy said, ‘They were laughing and watching basketball.

They were very flirtatious, enjoying drinks at a private table.’ They watched a game, left for a while, and came back for another game and more drinks.

Viall would make an attractive pair — though there’s definitely an age difference, seeing as all of the finalists are all either 24 or 25.

Either way, we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on their social media activity over the coming weeks!

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